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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing" Edmund Burke. Join us and meet other local Truth Seekers for social gatherings, information sharing and peaceful activism. We are a grassroots group who have come togeth

Truth Seekers

Truth Cinema Melbourne provides an opportunity to see films as well as attend presentations exploring alternative points of view on a wide range of contemporary topics. Expect to attend presentations and see documentaries on everything not main strea

Truth Seekers

Freedom North West is a hub for all the different Freedom seeking groups and people in the North West of England. A Place to spread ideas, information, meetings and activities. If you oppose the New World Order, believe in freedom and liberty and are

Freedom Seekers

Welcome to the "Free Thinkers Group." This group is aimed at anyone who has a deeper interest in life, themselves and reality. It’s for people who are into alternative topics that wouldn’t normally be talked about in mainstream society. The aim is to

Free Thinkers

This is a group with the aim of questioning why the world is the way it is and what possible solutions are available to the many issues we currently face. There will be a no holds barred approach to seeking the truth, where current belief systems are

Truth Seekers

Meet other local people who are interested in awakening to a greater awareness of reality; Awareness of Spiritual reality and of the illusions within the illusion (metaphysics, the occult, conspiracies, secret societies, programming, control systems,

Awareness Embracers

Meet UFO enthusiasts , investigators , witnesses. Discuss topics related to our universe : -The scientific study of UFOs and other unexplained Aerial phenomena -Astrobiology and the search for life in the universe. -The search for Extraterrestrial In


UFO and Conspiracy Meetup Meet other UFO and conspiracy buffs in your town. They're out there! This meetup consists of a combination of interests in UFOs, conspiracies, the New World Order, Revisionist History of WW II and anything else that interest


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) was formed originally by members of Toronto 9/11 Truth groups active since 2004.  911 was a momentous way many people learned and continue to learn about what is really going on in our world from the point of view of those

Truth Seekers

For people who would like to meet up with others who don't believe everything they are told by the media and the government.

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Seekers of Truth

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June 8, 2015

This is a group for people who are passionate about spiritual awakening and global transformation. If you're: frustrated by the system... over the corporate elites messing up the planet... realise there's more to reality and a much bigger reason as t

Global Awakeners
May 22, 2015

I work with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero (101.1 KXL) and each month we do a "Ground Zero University" Event where we introduce a topic in a class room/ workshop setting. Hosted by Clyde and lead by an expert in the topic of the Meetup Event we strive to

May 17, 2015

This group will create a safe environment for people to socialize knowing they are with others of like mind.  We will hold events on UFO reporting, Contact reporting, Economics, Geo-engineering, Planetary Changes, and The self destruction of Politics

Tin Hat wearers
May 14, 2015

This is a group for anyone who is wondering "What's really going on out there"; to meet, socialize, and strategize about what's getting ready to happen in our country and in our world, how much time do we really have, and how to be prepared when it h

Truth Seekers
April 22, 2015

For those aware of the chemtrail/geoengineering crimes, it can be difficult to find others to speak with about the issue. There is a strong network of chemtrail activists in the Atlanta area, but currently we only meet face to face during protests. L

April 22, 2015

Are you a spiritual person going through a powerful awakening, perhaps one that have left you isolated or alone in your beliefs? Has your awakening lead you to be  a compassionate and open minded free thinker, aware and awake and thereby finding it h

Friends in Truth, Light, & Love
March 31, 2015

So you've landed here because you either know something or you have a question about something. We should all learn to question everything so that what ever we think becomes informed. I was brought up to have faith but it didn't work for me, I could

March 18, 2015

This is a legion of like minded people who wish to serve in a legion along side of people who believe as they do. This will be a micronation. We will be underground yet in plain sight. When we feel the nation needs us to rise we will be strong of bod

March 9, 2015

Philosophic Perspectives is an internet radio show on the ArtistFirst Radio Network, that explores interesting and unique perspectives that run the gamut of human experience, from the issues of everyday life to the greater controversies of the modern

Listeners and Guests
March 5, 2015

A group of EMF survivors who have lived through the nightmare of being affected by High Transmission Power Lines, Generation Stations, Cell Towers, WiFi, Computers, Smart Meters, Toxic Building Syndrome, Cell Phones, Stress, Loss of a loved one, etc.

EMF Supporters and Survivors
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